Computex 2013 Journey Weblog Half 4

That is our first journey as an organization to Computex! We’ll be running a blog in regards to the journey courtesy of Western Digital, Corsair Vengeance, and NCIX. Please take a while to take a look at our sponsors beneath!

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  1. T1E6X1

    I would like to see these kinds of videos again.

  2. Matthew hoyle

    Complain about the weather come to the Uk then you can complain

  3. KoScosss

    Poor girl model in all that nerd crowd 😀

  4. Jon Curtis

    Because Slick is so good looking~

  5. Espresso Gamer

    it's cuz slick's a good lookin' guy, no homo.

  6. ElkTastic

    why is audio so out of sync on these travel blogs??

  7. Jonathan Edwards

    It's funny cuz if I waked in there the main attraction for me personally would have been the gourgous women in the room

  8. Asger Rud

    The car would fit very well with the SteelSeries Sensei 🙂

  9. noiZeDrifter

    5:10 I think you mean "doorbell"…

  10. Max Newman

    Very nice shirt at 5:05-5:07

  11. david duarte

    I really like Slick doing these videos

  12. Engidza Okami

    Se quejan de como manejan ahi? de lo mas seguro ellos no quisieran manejar en las carreteras de mi país.

  13. antaale

    Slick is an awesome person. 😀

  14. bhnc


  15. Daksh P

    you wouldnt drive that car in india…

  16. Bjo15

    SlickTechTips sounds so much better doesnt it?

  17. ITpro91

    Your hot as fuk

  18. Ayyy lmao

    Mfw Canadians call Doorbells Doorknobs

  19. Stinky Pete

    I love where the first line of your comment ends.

  20. HKWacky

    What cameras are they using?

  21. mohfuu

    Did anyone else read this comment with a swedish accent?

  22. based bungie

    too bad he sounds like lurch then

  23. renypetty

    Yeah. He is really HOT.

  24. Robi Dawn

    so lucky to work with people you can have fun with

  25. Nick Sjoberg

    was he calling the hotel room door bell a door knob?

  26. rnci

    Does anyone think that Slick wasn't let in the Armageddon booth because they didn't see his badge? :)) 3:40

  27. LambChops

    Linus being awkwardly racist at 6:51

  28. GNator

    Slick is too hot

  29. Kieran Brown

    how old is slick? does he still live with his mum? he is too awesome for that

  30. Troy Parker

    Damn, Slick. Your face brings all the Taiwanese to the yard and you're like, "It wasn't that hard."

  31. It'sIllusion

    No they are not doorknobs they are still doorbells I have no clue why he called it that lol

  32. Avranius

    Lol, same. That was really funny. His face said so too.

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